• Sales Associate / Driver

    Posted: 01/06/2021

    Must apply online (see link below) to be considered for this position.  No walk-ins or phone calls.

    Results Orientation:
    * Proven record of high performance
    Interpersonal Skills:
    * Develops positive relationships with others to better accomplish work goals.
    * Effectively meets customer needs and builds productive relationships by treating each customer like
    a GUEST.
    * Clearly conveys information and ideas to others in a manner that helps them understand and retain
    the message.
    * Presents products and services to customers in a manner that provides solutions and benefits, and
    strengthens the Sherwin-Williams name.
    Leadership Skills:
    * Actively participates as a member of a team to help the store achieve its goals.
    Business/Management Skills:
    * Uses people, resources and information to make good decisions.
    * Effectively manages time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently.
    * Possesses appropriate levels of knowledge of core product offerings and operational aspects of job
    Professional Qualities:
    * Sets high standards of performance for self; assumes responsibility and accountability for
    successfully completing assignments or tasks.
    * Demonstrates honesty and the ability to avoid what is wrong and stand up for what is right.
    * Maintains effectiveness when experiencing changes in work and adjusts effectively to new work
    processes, situations and requirements.
    * Ensure deliveries are prepared to meet customer requirements in the most efficient manner.
    * Assist in planning delivery schedule to maximize service to customers.
    * Load customer orders properly on truck for delivery to prevent merchandise damage and unsafe
    load shifting.
    * Ensure appropriate forms are completed for hazardous material deliveries.
    * Deliver merchandise to customer and obtain signatures by receiving party to document proof of
    * Collect payments from customers on deliveries if required.
    * Record information on appropriate forms for proper completion of orders, requests and returns.
    * Comply with all laws, traffic regulations, safety procedures, etc., when driving a vehicle.
    * Track mileage on deliveries and complete delivery log on a daily basis.
    * Complete expense form for items purchased for vehicle.

    * Report all accidents/damages/violations involving vehicle.
    * Maintain company vehicle. Alert supervisor to vehicle’s repair and servicing needs.
    * Coordinate annual DOT Certification for store delivery vehicle as required.
    * Operate all material handling, tinting, mixing and testing equipment in a safe manner.
    * Pull product from sales floor and/or stock room/warehouse when assistance is needed.
    * Ensure merchandise has been processed through POS or recorded on manual P.O.S.T. form prior to
    merchandise leaving store.
    * Ensure customers’ quality and service expectations are met.
    * Document and refer potential wholesale leads to manager and/or sales representatives.
    * Maintain facility to S-W standards through proper maintenance, repair and housekeeping.
    * Identify facility problems and make recommendations.
    * Follow designated loss prevention, security and safety practices according to policy and correct or
    report non-compliance of appropriate procedures/policies.
    *Must be familiar with the proper, handling, storing, labeling, cleaning up spills, disposing of and
    filing all paperwork associated with hazardous material/waste.
    * Check incoming orders from vendors for accuracy against purchase order.
    * Communicate all customer complaints to store manager to ensure a quick and accurate resolution.
    * Provide input regarding inventory levels in the warehouse/stockroom.
    * Assist with physical inventory.
    * Perform other duties as needed including warehouse duties, tinting and mixing customer orders and
    waiting on customers.
    * Other duties as assigned.
    * Employee is required to retrieve material from shelves and floor stacks and lift and carry up to 50
    lbs. frequently and up to 100 lbs. on occasion. May assist with handling drums of material excess of
    100 lbs.
    * Employee will spend approximately 20% of the day sitting, 25% standing, 45% walking and 10%
    stooping, climbing and kneeling.
    * Employee must be able to drive a car, van or truck.
    * Employee must be able to operate a hand truck and/or material handling equipment in stores
    equipped with such equipment.
    * High school education or equivalent is required.
    * Ability to work all scheduled hours as needed.
    * Employee must be licensed to operate a vehicle in accordance with state laws.
    * If usage of employee’s own vehicle is required, employee must obtain appropriate insurance as
    defined by Corporate Policy.
    * Employee must have an acceptable driving record from State Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

    Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identify, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, age, pregnancy, genetic information, creed, citizenship status, marital status or any other consideration prohibited by law or contract.