• News Release: 5/14/2020

    The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce has been closely monitoring the COVID 19 situation since early March. We saw a dramatic slowing of our regional economy prior to the emergency orders for business in mid-March. This drop in business is important because it is showing our customers, neighbors and patrons were worried about the effects of the virus and voluntarily curtailed their spending. We as a region need to be aware that one of our focus points has to be addressing the public perception of safety when we can reopen our businesses. We have created a toolkit with the help and professional input of Tami Thomas-Leonatti owner of Quality Care Cleaning and T & L Janitorial Supply. The guide breaks down the steps needed by business type to safely open and how to prepare your employees for the process. The Chamber sees the issue of customer safety as one critical portion of resuming business. Customers will need to see a public concern for safety, cleanliness and new procedures before the majority will feel safe to do business again.

    Visit our website to download the Toolkit!