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  • The Greater Ottawa Networking Group (GONG) is a Professional Networking Group based in the Ottawa Area that meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 12:00pm in the Conference Room of Heritage Woods at 801 E. Etna Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350. Thay also meet the third Tuesday of the month at different restaurants. Masks are required when entering and exiting the building to protect the residents.

    The Greater Ottawa Networking Group aims to help members grow their businesses and to provide a forum in which local professionals can discuss and problem-solve together to make sure the Ottawa business community as a whole is thriving.


  • Looking to join the Greater Ottawa Networking Group?

    Contact Denise Frazier at 815-431-1400 or marketing@hw-ottawa-slf.com

    for more information! Also, check out GONG's Facebook page for more updates!

  • GONG Meeting 1/17/23
  • Current Members (6/5/24)


    Nathan Blauvelt - Connecting Point Computer Center

    1622 Fourth St, Peru


    Work phone: 815-223-1052

    Kelly Fahle - Express Employment

    2711 Columbus St, Ottawa


    Work phone: 815-306-0250

    Denise Frazier - Heritage Woods of Ottawa

    801 East Etna Rd, Ottawa


    Work phone: 815-391-1034

    Pat Campbell - Income Tax Etc. Ltd.

    716 Columbus St, Ottawa


    Work phone: 815-434-2450

    Celeste Nielsen - Coldwell Banker

    1402 Columbus St, Ottawa


    Work phone: 815-712-8925

    August Lubanowski - Country Financial

    203 West Norris Dr, Ottawa


    Work phone: 815-434-4071

    Caitlyn Tucker - Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce

    321 West Main St, Suite 124, Ottawa


    Work phone: 815-433-0084