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    About Us

    In 2016, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers was selected for the Truven Health 100 TOP Hospitals Award as a result of our national benchmark performance and delivery of exceptional care to our community. We were also recognized in 2016 by two other healthcare ranking groups for Patient Safety Excellence and Outstanding Patient Experinece.
    Morris Hospital & their 26 Healthcare Centers provide warm & compassionate care to all. 1450 outstanding employees make this a reality.
    In Ottawa we presently offer OB/GYN, Family Medicine, Cardiology, Pediatrics & Laboratory Services.
    We have Healthcare Centers in Braidwood, Channahon, Coal City, Dwight, Gardner, Marseilles, Mazon, Morris, Newark, Ottawa & Yorkville.
    Average wait time in our Emergency Room is 9-minutes. Average wait time at our Immedicate Care clinics is 14-minutes. We offer Immedicate Care and Occupational Medicine 7-days a week at our Morris, Channahon & Yorkville Clinics.


    Truven TOP 100 Hospital Nationwide
    Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers